For many years wedding season has been about recreating Pinterest boards, scrapbooks or cuttings from a magazine. However, this year we have started to notice more weddings are less magazine inspired and more personalized, which we are personally loving. Nonetheless, Fall of 2016 will be no exception.

Here is a sneak peek of the hottest Fall 2016 wedding trends. Let us know in the comments below which of these trends you most excited to see

Fall Wedding Color Trends

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Photo credit-Left to,,

Every wedding is under a theme and/or color selection this season we will be witnessing dust rose and pastel blues combined with rustic jewel tones such as emerald green and burnt orange. Not only will we be witnessing the mixture of jewel tones and pastel shades.

But you will also witness a lot of metallic tones such as brass, gold, rose gold and silver. These metallic tones will be seen everywhere from the flower handle to the wedding cake. Metallics is sure to be making a comeback this wedding season.

Fall Wedding Bridesmaid Trends

Photo credit-from left to,,
Photo credit-from left to,,

Bridesmaids are wearing velvet this fall.  This Fall 2016 we will witness the use of the color burgundy for bridesmaid dresses. We will also see the use of burgundy velvet to be exact. Velvet is huge when it comes to cool seasons especially for fall. However, this fall wedding season we will begin to see it in a much bigger way.

Not only will w witness velvet and burgundy in the bridesmaids dresses and shoes we will also see it displayed on the groomsmen as well. From ties to their shoes the color burgundy and velvet will surely make a statement this year.

Fall Wedding Fashion Trends

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Photo credit-Left to,,

Let’s face it we all go to weddings excited to see what the bride and her bridesmaids will wear and how they will pull off their theme. This fall we will be seeing a lot of fur (faux fur). Faux fur will be used on brides and bridesmaids as well. From long faux fur coats, that are knee-length to sophisticated shawls that cover the bride’s shoulders.

Fur accents give the wedding an old Hollywood glam that can be worn for many years to come. When choosing a fur coat or shawl always keep your dress in mind. The fur accent should appear to compliment your dress not compete with it.

Fall Wedding Invitation Trends

Photo credit- left to right-,,
Photo credit- left to right-,,

The invitations you send your guests will set the tone and theme for your wedding. You want them to represent you and your significant other while giving a little bit of a hint of what your theme will be. This fall we are expecting wedding invitations that are crisp clean while focusing on the calligraphy. Not only calligraphy a huge trend for invitations but stamps are as well.

Not your typical mail stamps but stamps that mean something to you and your  groom. Shop on Etsy to find a few that are part of your theme. Your wedding invitations do not have to be the only area in your wedding that you include calligraphy. You can use calligraphy in your place cards, table numbers or, even in the food menu your guests will read.

Fall Wedding Flower Trends

Photo credit- Left to,,
Photo credit- Left to,,

Flowers always seem to be one of the first things a bride will look into once she starts preparing for her big day. The reason behind this is flowers tend to be seasonal so you want to get your flower arrangements decided before you decide on anything else. This will also help you choose the proper theme that will work for you. This fall’s wedding flower trend is freshly picked flowers.

You want a wild arrangement of flowers in rustic colors such as burgundy, orange, plum and green. Flower arrangements are trending to be more organic rather than put together and neat. You want a rustic look for you and your bridesmaids. If you choose to have flowers in your wedding decoration stick to arrangements that contain a lot of leaves and tones of green with pops of color here and there.

Fall Wedding Food Trends

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Let’s talk about food. Every wedding has either a buffet with multiple options or a formal dinner where a menu has already been preselected by the bride and groom. This season we are looking at different food and drink stations and we are not just speaking about a dessert station. We are speaking about gourmet coffee stands, craft beer tasting, build your own pizza or taco bar and even a barbecue tasting station.

Depending on the food station you choose that will fit your budget consider hiring a professional to help you serve it. This will help save and your guests time it will take the guessing game out of what you should do next.

Fall Wedding Cake Trends

Photo credit-left-,,
Photo credit-left-,,

Start saying goodbye to large over the top cakes. This fall season we are looking at smaller topless cakes. The trend of having a “naked” cake instead of it being covered in frosting or fondant has completely taken over. Instead of covering the cake with fondant or frosting couples are now looking into adding small details such as bunches of bloom or greenery.

Couples are also opting for cakes that have flavor drippings. What this means is a “naked” cake will have caramel dripping on the outside of it instead of the inside. If you do consider this trend you may want to have another dessert as your cake will be smaller in size. As another dessert we recommend pie! Pie is huge as a dessert this fall 2016.

If you are finishing the last touches for your fall wedding, you may want to look into one of these trends to give your wedding an extra hint of the trend. Let us know below what trend for this fall 2016 is your personal favorite.