There seems to be something about frosting this year that is a little more than off-putting for brides-to-be. The naked wedding cake is a big trend this year, and we can see why! There is something so fascinating that draws you in when you first see one. They are elegant and daring and we do say a little lighter in calories; the outer layers of buttercream frosting are forgone but not forgotten, they are simply in between the layers of delicious cake.  Here are ten of the most beautiful naked wedding cakes.

  1. Rustic Floral Charm
Red on Blond Photography

A slab of wood, beautiful flowers and scrumptious fruit, and a little light frosting makes this (semi) naked cake flow with any rustic yet feminine wedding.

2. Naked Bohemia

Cake by Oh My Cake

Having a Bohemian-themed wedding? Just pick some beautiful wild flowers and have them tastefully placed around your wedding cake.

Larissa Bahr Photography

3. Naked With Lace

A light frosting lace design details this lovely vanilla cream cake making it a stand-out.

4. Naked Cupcakes



These naked cupcakes are perfect for the bride that wants cupcakes but still wants to keep the “naked” theme.

5. Not Your Plain Jane Naked Cake

Just because you want a naked cake doesn’t mean it can’t be dripping with decadence and deliciousness. Check out this amazing gourmet naked chocolate pecan buttercream cake recipe here.

| Emily Jane Photography | Summer Berry Boho Wedding Shoot
Courtesy of

6. 50 Shades of Ombré

Another great thing about naked wedding cakes is being able to create an ombré look with the cake instead of just the frosting.

7. The Naked Candle

Cake by Pretty Parties.

There is something luscious and classic about an elegant floral dessert.  This beautiful butter cream, floral and icing drip cake really takes the cake, no pun intended.

8. Oreo Galore

Michelle Karas Photography

This naked wedding cake is simple, yet elegant and perfect for any Oreo loving couple!

9. Berry Delicious


Buttercream and Berries, what more can we say. The two best desserts coming together as one. Just like you and your sweetheart, peas and carrots, love and marriage.

Naked Wedding Cake13

10. Naked Squared

Last but not least, we cannot forget about the square cake! A Neapolitan square naked cake is subtle and delicate and sure to be a hit.

If you are looking to do something totally unique and different from your best friend/cousin/sister/that-one-lady-in-accounting’s weddings, than tell your baker to skip the frosting. Watch your family and friends awe at how amazing a cake can truly look without frosting.

What do you think about the naked wedding cake trend? Is it something you would consider doing for your wedding? Let us know in the comments!